lonely outside dogIf you are looking for a dog to leave outside in your yard, regardless how shady your yard is is or now nice the weather is, please visit other rescues or shelters that do not have our requirements.

All of our dogs are indoor FAMILY dogs, and our volunteers have worked very hard to make them great indoor companions They have become accustom to and expect to be and indoor companion.

dog digging fencePlease remember 99% of our dogs were found by animal control running the streets. It is extremely unlikely they escaped from an indoor home. Instead they were left outdoors where they became lonely and bored and found a way to get out.

Once you have had your dog for a few months, they have bonded to you and your family, it should be fine allowing them to go outside while you are home to check on them and supervise them, as long as your dog is not a digger or fence climber/jumper.