Blondie4 WebYes and maybe. Dogs do not "generalize" like humans do so let’s look at things from a human perspective.

You’ve just landed a new job and part of that job is to learn new software. Since you have never used this software, they give you a technical manual to read over the weekend. You can read it while sitting in a chair in your living room, outside under your favorite shade tree, or while sitting in a busy airport.
No matter where we are you still know how to read and comprehend the words.

A dog's brain works differently than ours. They take in all enviormental destractions (new smells, new people, new everything) much more than humans do, so it's almost like learning the behavior all over again. But the good news is, if they've been successful with the behavior in the past, they quickly re-learn the behavior in their new environment.

MC placementThis is a diagram where your dogs microchip was implanted. As time goes on, the chip can move down their back or legs, so it is very important when scanning a dog for a chip, you scan the entire body.

Your dog may have one of several brands of micro chips. Most can be identified by the numbering system used, but as time has gone on, the chip manufacturing companies have started using a simular numbering system.

Home Again chips are usually a combonation of numbers and CAPITAL letters, but recently they have changed to a number system only. An examples of Home Again Chips prior to 2013/14 was somethink like this: 4852A59C59651265R. But now they have go to using a string of just numbers.

24 Pet Watch chips have recently changed their numbering system. Up until 2014 they were easily identifed by the 0A (zero A) in front of numbers. But they have also gone to a number only system.

Save This Life is the brand of micro chip ADR uses. The only time a dog does not have one of our chips is if they were micro chipped prior to coming into our program. Save This Life Chips are a string of 15 numbers.