7254308 s meetWe require that you meet in person with the foster within 5 days of being contacted by them.

The reason we ask you to meet with the foster and have your home check is because we may have multiple applications for the same dog and we feel it is unfair to the dog and other potential homes to have to wait any longer.

30579159 sYes, with some additonal conditions for approval.

  • You must be willing to come to Austin to meet the dog and the foster in person
  • If you have a dog, you must bring your dog with you
  • You must meet all of the usual criteria for adoption
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide photos/videos of your home and yard
  • Transportation back to your home must be made by car unless the dog is small enough to ride in the passenger area/seat of the plane with you. Dogs not are allowed to be transported in the cargo area of the plane. No exceptions.