6719250 s peeAccidents are common when dogs go from one home to another if they are unsupervised and have unrestricted access to multiple rooms. Supervise them! If you are busy and cannot give them your full attention, put them in their crate or tether them to you by their leash.


  • Accompany your dog outside; Reward immediately with treats and praise
  • Do not leave them unattended unless you are sure they have recently eliminated
  • Do not allow them to go off in another room. Keep doors closed.
  • Crate them, set up baby gates or tether them to you so they cannot wander
  • Always use an enzyme cleaner (specifically for pets) to clean up any accidents

The most common reason for housetraining set backs are humans not paying attention to the signals.

  • Sniffing in circles
  • Nudging you
  • Coming up to you and then leaving the room
  • Standing at the door
  • Staring at you
  • Pacing
  • Whining
  • Going off in another room alone
  • Not eliminating after eating or play

If an accident occurs, remember it is YOUR fault, not the dogs. If you walk in and find they have had an accident, it's too late to correct them. Don't say or do anything except clean it up. If you are having issues with housetraining ask us for more resources to help or contact a professional trainer.