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Mazikeen (pronounced “Ma-“ as in math, “zi” as in zipper, “keen”) is a 3-4 year-old Dachshund Mix. She is a bit slow to warm up to some people, but once she does, she loves to cuddle next to her person. At the same time, she is quite independent and full of sass.

Mazikeen loves to sit in the backyard and bathe in the sun while protecting the yard from squirrels. She has definite hound dog qualities (high prey
drive, can be a bit stubborn with some people, uses both scent and sight to track). Her foster family recently discovered that she is good at protecting you from sprinklers.

Mazikeen is currently living with a very dog-savvy cat (with whom she has called a truce), and a 10-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund Mix. She will play with her foster brother sometimes but is a dog who would be just fine as an only dog.  Mazikeen has voiced that she is not a fan of super energetic, pushy, playful dogs. She says they distract her from policing for squirrels and sprinklers.

Due to Mazikeen’s high prey drive, a home with multiple cats or smaller dogs might not be the best fit depending on the personalities. She is quite particular about her cats. Mazikeen would prefer to be in a home where all children are teenagers or older. She loves to go for on-leash walks! She admits that she probably can’t be trusted off-leash due to her affinity for squirrels. For a Dachshund, she can get some surprising air when chasing squirrels! Mazikeen is also an amateur actress, whose favorite role is playing a fainting goat.

Mazikeen does AMAZINGLY in her crate for meals and at night. She is house-trained, knows how to use a dog-door, and walks very well on a leash (except for the normal hound trait of getting on a scent). As a bonus, her fur is super soft!


Age: 3 years old
Looks Like: Dachshund mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids Children over 13
Est. Adult Weight: 24 lbs