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Minimum Donation: $190 190 $


Wanted: a forever home to spoil the sweetest dog.

Kendall is a one year old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix with an old soul. She is easy going and smart as a whip. Despite her age, she’s pretty low activity, loves laying around all day, sunbathing and being loved on. She enjoys short walks and is the perfect companion for a homebody who loves to give belly rubs, her favorite. Kendall’s fully house broken and has not had a single accident. She is good on a leash, crate trained and rarely barks.

Kendall LOVES people of all shapes and sizes, little to big, young and old, just NOT other dogs. She wants to be your one and only. Prior to arrival at her current foster home, Kendall had an altercation with a resident dog in a different foster home. When out on walks she has no issues with other dogs nor does she pull at the leash to get to them. She does not seem particularly aggressive, she just needs to be the only dog at home. She really loves people. Her current foster home has three boys and she does very well with them and their friends. Kendall is perfectly capable of tuning out a massive nerf gun war raging around her and little people running everywhere without even batting an eye.

Prior to arrival at ADR, Kendall suffered a gun shot injury and has a mild limp that we have been assured is not causing her pain. Her forever family will need to manage her weight and activity so that she does not get overweight and cause additional issues to her shoulder.  She can get up stairs just fine but coming down is a little difficult for her, so a single story home, or keeping her on the ground level, is probably the best fit for her. Beyond that, Kendall appears to be perfectly healthy.

She is currently learning some basic commands but is too smart for her own good and likes to anticipate what you'll ask her to do next, which her human foster siblings find hilarious. Kendall is well behaved at home and very rarely makes a peep. She's really not into toys, but loves bully sticks and treats. She does not chew on things that aren't meant to be chewed, only her food and treats. As previously stated, Kendall LOVES to be loved. Her favorite things are belly rubs and she will gladly flop over for you.

Kendall really is so easy to love, are you ready to bring her home?


Age: 1 year old
Looks Like: Lab/Great Pyrenees mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Female
Cats: No
Good with Kids Good with all Children
Est. Adult Weight: 55 lbs