Austin Dog Rescue is made up purely of volunteers. Each dog is sheltered within a home in the Austin area. As such, there is no physical shelter to visit the dog at. If you think you may be interested in a particular dog now or in the future, please fill out an application form. People with approved application forms are prioritized over people who haven’t yet applied.


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My name is Toby, and while my foster mom says I have special needs, I'm pretty sure I'm just special!

First, the special. I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback and just over a year old, so I'm still very much a puppy. I'm curious, active, energetic, loving, cuddly and playful. I love being with people and other dogs, and I believe that FOMO is real, I don't want to miss out on anything. My foster mom says I'm the happiest dog she's ever met, and I love to make her laugh. I even make wookie voices while I’m playing or trying to convince you to play with me! My favorite thing ever might be to snuggle on the couch at the end of a long day filled with playtime, mental stimulation, naps, more playtime, and more snuggles. I'm very intelligent and love to learn new things. While I love kids, I’m a little uncoordinated and still very playful, which sometimes ends up with someone on the ground crying so no small kiddos for me. I’m a little too curious about cats, so would probably do best in a home without them. I would love to live with another pup who likes to play and can handle my size.

Now, the needs. I was born with a congenital spinal defect. Since coming to Austin Dog Rescue almost a year ago, I've had surgery and physical therapy. Staying fit and active will be very important for me to continue to strengthen my back legs. I currently go on morning and evening walks and I’ve even gone on some slow, short jogs. As I get older and stronger, I may be able to build up to longer ones! I have to be supervised closely around water and stairs, since I can’t navigate these like most dogs, and outdoors I do better on flat and more flexible surfaces like grass and gravel.

Now it's time for my foster mom to really embarrass me...I sometimes have potty accidents inside because of my condition. It usually happens if there’s a shift in our routine, but I wear these super chic belly bands and eat a special food to make cleanup pretty easy. I promise, when it happens it's not because I'm mad at you or ignoring my training, sometimes I just can't help it.

I'm looking for an active, experienced owner who can understand my limitations and love me for me! If you think that might be you, I'd absolutely love to meet you, please fill out an application!

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Age: 1 year old (as of January, 2021)
Looks Like: Ridgeback
Gender: Male
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: No
Good with Kids Children over 10
Est. Adult Weight: 75 lbs