Austin Dog Rescue is made up purely of volunteers. Each dog is sheltered within a home in the Austin area. As such, there is no physical shelter to visit the dog at. If you think you may be interested in a particular dog now or in the future, please fill out an application form. People with approved application forms are prioritized over people who haven’t yet applied.

Reuben (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $220 220 $


Howdy, I'm Reuben! I don't like to brag but I've been told on multiple occasions that I am the sweetest, cutest, happiest, most wiggly pup in all the land. So if you're my family congrats, you just hit the jackpot!

I love just about everything but I'd have to say my top five are snuggling on the couch, playing with other dogs, making new friends, going for a walk, and TREATS! Also the giant beanbag chair that my foster parents have is pretty legit. Also playing tug of war. Also hanging out at breweries. And naps. And belly rubs. Oh and chewing on sticks. Ok fine, who can pick just 5, everything is awesome!!! Except vacuum cleaners. Those are the worst.

My ideal family would be active and keep me on the go - I have all the energy! If I had another dog to play with that would be great, but they'd have to be willing to put up with my puppy shenanigans. I have done well with all humans large and small. I'm not shy at all and I've never met a stranger so I would make a great adventure buddy. (Fair warning - if the adventure involves us sleeping in close quarters, I'm told I snore like a trucker). I don't love being left alone so if I had parents who didn't have to work outside of the house, or who would take me to a doggy daycare, that would be great. That said I'm adaptable and pick up on new routines quickly so I could do ok with pretty much any situation as long as I get enough exercise and you have a little patience with me.

As with any puppy my age, I will benefit from ongoing training. I'm a smart boy and treat motivated so it should be pretty easy! I've very nearly got the potty training thing down. My leash manners need some work but I've been practicing and I'm making progress!

I already love you and can't wait until we get to meet!!!


Age: 7 months old
Looks Like: Boxer mix
Gender: Male
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids Good with all Children
Est. Adult Weight: 50 lbs