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Ranger (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $220 220 $


"Are you active? No, I don’t mean a walk around the block or a few silly games of fetch. I mean are you ACTIVE. Do you jog, hike, bike?

Are you quick, social, and outgoing? Do you love going and doing? Do you love meeting people and making friends? Do you need a buddy that can keep up? Look no further than ME! Ranger... The coolest dog on the block!"

Ranger is getting close to a year old and is about the coolest dog you’ll ever meet. The trouble is he needs someone who can keep up! Ranger is very smart and very athletic. Ranger isn’t a trouble maker, isn’t loud, isn’t obnoxious... but without the appropriate mental and physical stimulation he sure could learn all the bad habits! Luckily, right now he’s just a loving, social, blank slate of a pup waiting to meet his match. So we are being highly selective in selecting the perfect adopter for one of our favorite go-getters!

Ranger would be the perfect size to become a jogging or biking buddy. He’s dog social when in public and would be a great trail buddy if you are into hiking and camping. Ranger loves a good game of fetch and will sit and wait for you to throw his ball.

After some exercise and fun Ranger is very good about taking his toy to his mat or bed to chew for a while... and yes, Ranger loves a good chew. He’s pretty darn good about chewing appropriate things so long as he has some decent hard chew options available.

Ranger has excellent house training / potty skills. He is crate trained. And he’s practicing his leash skills regularly... and becoming a pro!

Ranger would prefer to be an only dog in your home. He loves other dogs but can be a bit overwhelming to many of them. He’s pretty pushy, in a non-aggressive way, with little dogs. He plays hard and doesn’t always back down well when the other dog says enough. He also thinks that he should be enough for his person... I mean he’s got a big personality! And Ranger doesn’t particularly enjoy sharing his person or his food with another dog in his own home or space (humans he’s happy to share with).

We are looking for an adult only home or home with dog savvy kids 12 or older for Ranger.

We believe Ranger to be a Bull Terrier x Cattle Dog cross. For anyone familiar with these two breeds both are dogs with a strong personality all stuffed into a medium to small dog package. We’d prefer an adopter with experience with herding breeds as Ranger demonstrates many herding dog characteristics.

If you think you might be Ranger’s lifelong soulmate... what are you waiting for!?!? Ranger says he’s ready for the adventure to begin!


Age: 6 months (as of October 1st, 2020)
Looks Like: Cattle Dog/Bull Terrier mix
Gender: Male
Available for Adoption NOW
Cats: No
Good with Kids No Children
Est. Adult Weight: 50 lbs