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Sarge is, first and foremost, a loverboy. His favorite place to be is in your lap, flopped on his back, basking in the glow of your attention. He'll stay there as long as he can. He's a social boy, loves all people, and has done well with every dog we've introduced him to. Cats are negotiable, depending on how much you're wlling to work with him (may take a month or two of on-leash conditioning).

He's very intelligent and highly-trainable--eager to work for either a treat or a toy. He's also a nimble boy; he can leap an impressive height flat-footed, and has a gait that almost floats him over the ground. Sarge would be thrilled to be your running partner, and when you pick up a toy his adorable little nub tail practically vibrates with joy, but he's also very quiet in the house when it's time to relax on his bed. "Quiet" is a good word for him, in fact--I've never heard him bark except for one time, when he was dreaming. He's definitely the type of dog that notices everything, but doesn't bark unless he has a darn good reason.

He does need some supervision when taken to new places, because before he was neutered he developed a habit of marking. He also sometimes shows submissive urination, e.g. if you reach for his collar too quickly or when greeting people. A belly band helps with both of these issues, and we can help with ways to manage and minimize them. Overall, he's very good in the house, considering how young he is, and respectful of the rules, once he knows what they are. Like all young dogs, however, he'll develop bad habits if left unsupervised around temptations (e.g. tasty food on the counter, non-toy items he might mistake for chew toys). He's crate-trained and loves his crate.

Sarge is an affectionate, athletic, clever, and handsome boy who is going to make a fantastic pet for the right person.


Age: 1 Year Old
Looks Like: German Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: Unknown
Good with Kids Children over 5
Est. Adult Weight: 58 lbs