Kojack (UPDATED!)

Minimum Donation: $190


Kojack is a fun, friendly and sweet boy who has never met a stranger. He enjoys walks, toys of all kinds, chewing on bones, playing with other dogs and meeting new people. He is up to date on all of his vaccinations, neutered and knows a few basic commands.

Kojack will be a great addition to the family, especially in a home with a yard he can run around in with a dog companion (or two), who he can play with to his heart’s content. He loves to have his people nearby and someone working from home or with flexibility would be ideal. He tends to bark when he gets excited so an apartment may not be the best fit and he will do best with older children, who can help him learn his best manners.

Life hasn’t always been easy for this boy and at some point in the past he was involved in an accident that broke his pelvis. He didn’t receive proper medical treatment, ended up in the shelter and luckily his pelvis healed well on its own. He has a slight limp when he runs as a result but he doesn’t let this slow him down a bit. He runs and plays with two large dog friends at his foster home as if nothing ever happened. Then he will curl up and snuggle with his foster parents for hours.

Come meet Kojack - you may just find your new best friend!



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