Minimum Donation: $190


Hank is a very special senior boy that is looking for a nice quiet retirement home. Hank has done beautifully in his foster home with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and even birds. He is very well behaved, with a soft nature, he adores going for walks, playing nicely, loves his crate, and giving soft kisses. Hank can be fearful and a bit defensive of strangers, especially while in his crate or behind a gate. When out of the crate with strangers he has done well if left alone and allowed to avoid those he is not comfortable with. He is more at ease with women than men, but does warm up to men after a while, especially if they are gentle and patient.

A good fit for Hank would be a quieter adult only home, although mine is not exactly quiet, I just practice a bit of caution when new people come around and have had very little problem. Hank has not spent his life around children, and is a little head shy (scared when pet on the top of the head) so it's best that at his age to keep him with adults only.

If you have a little extra room, and some extra love to give to this beautiful boy he deserves a lovely home to retire in, I promise you he will melt your heart with his gentle love and sweet kind eyes.


Age: 12 to 13 years
Looks Like: Border Collie/Golden Retriever Mix
Available for Adoption NOW
Gender: Male
Cats: Yes
Good with Kids No Children
Est. Adult Weight: 50 lbs