Friday, November 27, 2015


Minimum Donation: $165


Rusty is a 3-4 year-old Golden Retriever Mix. Rusty, while an adult dog, is learning how to be a dog.  He was rescued from the streets by a well-meaning woman who had too many dogs. Many of her dogs were not very nice, and would pick on Rusty, so Rusty spent much of his time in a room alone.  Rusty is now learning that there is a bright, loud, new world out there with LOTS of toys!  Rusty loves to play with toys and can entertain himself very well.  

He is a very loyal dog once he trusts you.  He may be shy at first, but he is learning incredibly quickly (especially for a dog who only ever had contact with one woman for 4 years) that people are good. Rusty is house trained, crates up incredibly, and leash trained. He also knows how to use a dog-door.  

Rusty needs an owner who is experienced- no first time dog owners. An owner who will be patient and understand that Rusty will need continued socialization with both people and dogs, of all sizes, and shapes would be best.  Rusty also needs a home with no children under the age of 15. He is not a fan of loud noises - though all he does is startle and he is getting better with that.  Rusty cannot go to a home with cats. He wants to play chase and the cats just do not appreciate that.


Age: 4 Years Old
Looks Like: Golden Retriever/Chow Blend
Gender: Male
Cats: No
Good with Kids? No
Est. Adult Weight: 50 Lbs



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